Shravana Yoga # 1- Bhishma Stuthi

March 30, 2011 at 10:29 am (Houston Study Circle)

Based on the Shravana yoga that we are trying to practice with the help of  reference material and discussions during our Bhagavatam Study Circles, we will have a discussion on it later through the week . To stay focussed I have put forward some questions to begin with. The more interactive the session, the better!

This is based on the 1st sloka of Sri Bhishma Stuti.. (in fact only the very 1st line :). Hack away at the answers.

Radhe Radhe !


1. When we take any kind of offering like fruits, flowers etc to a Mahan, how are we to offer them?

2. Despite having lost everything and  his entire kingdom in the war with nothing left for him what did BhishmAcharya offer to the Lord?

3. Atithi Devo bhava- what does it mean?

4.” I knew this moment would come” – what is “this moment” that BhishmAcharya referring to? Explain the context.

5. What does mati mean? Name the 4 attributes?

6. Explain the fact – Kama is the root of all vices?

7. We were warned of caution in the “path of devotion”. What should we be cautious of?

8. Quote the sanskrit word from Bhishma stuthi that means “free of any desire”



  1. Sriram said,

    8) Vitrushna. Trushna is desires. Vitrushna is being free of any desires. Bhishma, the was completely vitrushnified. 🙂
    Radhe Radhe! (Great questions, Zji)

    • krisnbhakth said,

      That is correct ! Vitrushna signifies ‘ Free of any desire ‘! Great job Sriramji.

  2. Nisha said,

    Radhe Radhe
    OMG you are reaaallyy testing us Zeni!!
    Let me take a shot at some of the answers (at least some of them!)
    1. we should “offer”, not “give”… ie. with complete humility
    2. He offered his mind that was free from all desires
    3. answer in Namadwaar website’s weekly blossoms 🙂
    8. vitrushna

  3. Zenitha said,

    nice work Nishaji…..well again iam not surprised is YOU 🙂 I will share all the other answers shortly after we hear from the rest of our members.Radhe Radhe

  4. jeevan said,

    1. Our hands shouldnever be above. offer in our hands or keep it in front of HIM where HIS eyes will fall on it
    2. his pure Buddhi / Mati
    3. treat the guest as Bhagawan
    4. moment that Bhagawan will come to see him. infact he was waiting for this rather than the utharayana kaala
    5. Buddhi / intelligence – enough, moon,
    6. Kama leads to unwanted Desires leading us to vices
    7. should be cautious not to fall for kamas
    8. vitrishna

  5. lekshmi said,

    1 We should wait until a Mahaan accepts our offering or takes it from us. We should not ‘give’ .
    2.Bhishmaji offered his “pure mind free of any desires” to Lord Krishna
    3. We should treat athithi as Bhagavan Himself.
    4. The ‘moment’ Bhishmaji is referring to – Bhishmacharya was waiting for the Lord to come, so he could offer his mind which was free of all desires to Him
    5. Mati – means mind ! four attributes are manas, budhi, chitham and ahamkaram – thank you Nishaji !!
    6. kama means desire….desires can mislead us to do wrong acts and the mind that harbors deisres would be restless…zeniji please help !!
    7. we should be cautious that Ego/ahamkaram does not creep in our path of devotion !
    8. Vitrushna – means free of desires

  6. Hema Kalyan said,

    Hey, hats off Houston! Looks like you are all not just hearing but listening! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Aravind said,


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