Srimad Bhagavatam Study Circle Feb 12 2011

February 27, 2011 at 12:28 am (Houston Study Circle) (, , , )

VyavahitapRutanAmukham nirIkshya
svajanavadAd vimukhasya doshabuddyA
kumatim aharad AtmavidyayA ya:
charaNarati: paramasya tasya me astu

Let there be for me devotion to the feet of that Supreme being who by imparting knowledge (in the form of Gita), dispelled the delusion (of his friend Arjuna) who on seeing the van of the hostile army arrayed at a distance and turned away from killin his kith and kin(in the hostile army) considering it to be a sin.

Arjuna saw the Kaurava army and realising they were none other than their own relations couldnot fight against them since he felt it to be a sin to do so. Krishna dispells the delusion of his friend Arjuna by offering him the Bhagvad Gita.
To even begin with this was yet another leela of Lord Krishna because he had already killed all the Kauravas by his mere glances – DIVYA KATAKSHAM. Arjuna was only to do the name sake action of killing them. In our present day lives we come across several situations where we ourselves are confused by similar scenario to decide between right and wrong. This sloka in Bhagavatam emphasizes clearly on the fact that we are mere tools in the hands of the Lord and whatever happens is actually because of his sankalpa and we need not worry unnecessarily but to just perform our duty.
If we also carefully analyse the structure of the Bhishma stuthi so far we see that in the first sloka Bhishma pitha offers his pure intellect to the Lord and does salutation to the lotus feet of the Lord.The second sloka describes his beautiful form the 3rd sloka goes on to describe the compassion as well as the warrior in Krishna where he sets the stage for Bhagavad Gita and in this sloka he goes on to offer that spiritual knowledge to Arjuna by giving Gitopadesha ! So Bhishma actually starts with salutation, admiration   then seeks devotion at the Lotus feet of Krishna who he now sees as a Master and worships Him. This only reflects the greatness of Bhishma pitha who is actually in utmost pain lying in the bed of arrows yet fails in no way to admire the Supreme Being Lord Krishna.

Bhishma the great Yogeshwara truly an epitome of devotion !


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