Srimad Bhagavatam Study Circle Jan 22 2011

February 11, 2011 at 10:37 am (Houston Study Circle) (, )

Sloka 1.9.34
yudhi turagarajo vidhUmravishvak
kachalulita shramavAryalankRutAsye |
mama nishita sharair vibhidyamAnatvachi
vilasat kavachestu kRuShNa AtmA || (34)


May my mind, body and soul rest in Krishna whose face is made beautiful with drops of perspiration and is surrounded by the hanging locks of hair which are soiled by the dust raised by horses’ hooves on the battle field, the One whose skin is pierced by my arrows though protected well by a shining armor.


Bhishma pitha is so immersed in the beauty of Bhagawan. Out of immense Bhakthi and love for Sri Krishna Bhishma pitha even though lying on his bed of arrows in immense pain enjoys narrating the beautiful divine form of the Lord in the battlefield.

He says when Lord Krishna was fighting in the battlefield ,the horses were galloping all over and the dust that rose in the air from the horses’ hooves covered the entire body of Sri Krishna.To the eye of a normal person this very scene would have seemed just that someone was covered completely in dirt but to the eyes of a great Bhaktha ,the Yogeshwara Bhishma pitha it looks nothing less than the pollen (maharandham) on the top of a beautiful radiant flower.

Bhishma aimed arrows at Bhagavan and shot those arrows as he chanted the sahasra nAmam. Bhishma’s humility is unmistakenly reflected here when he says that it is not because of my valour but out of Bhagavan’s unfailing and limitless compassion that he let my arrows hit him and owned every single one of them as I had chanted his names.

Bhishma pitha was an epitome of not just dharma but immense devotion . For all the times in Bhagavatam where Bhishma is depicted as a great warrior , the Yogeshwara, the one who has mastered his intelligence that was free of any desires, the man of Dharma etc etc , Bhishma stuthi is the one specific juncture where he is clearly seen as a great Bhaktha expressing flawless devotion at the lotus feet of Bhagavan.


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