Srimad Bhagavatam Study Circle on Jan 15 2011

January 18, 2011 at 3:07 pm (Houston Study Circle) ()

Sloka 1.1.3

nigama kalpataror galitam phalam
shukamukhAt amrutadravasamyutam |
pibata bhAgavatam rasam Alayam
muhuraho rasikA: bhuvi bhAvukA:|| (3)

Verse meaning
Ye! Listeners! Great Connoisseurs!
Those endowed with a soft-heart, capable of understanding and grasping the real essence! Drink (enjoy) again and again the fruit of Bhagavatam which is juicy; which consists of nectarine droplets; which has descended in this world from the Kalpaka tree (wish yielding tree) in the form of the Vedas and which has slipped from the mouth of the divine Shuka until you attain liberation!

Bhagavatam is the juicy fruit that is obtained from the tree of Vedas …not just any normal tree but the wish yielding tree – kalpataru. Normally when we have fruits there are parts of fruits that we tend to discard like the seeds ,skin etc…but it is said that the divine fruit of Srimad Bhagavatam is so juicy and seedless that you just have to drink it .It specifically says pibata -which means to drink .It goes to show that there is really no effort required on our part to even consume this fruit that is so tasty and full of nectarine droplets in the first place.
Interesting comparison is done in this sloka where sage Shuka has been compared to that of a parrot.It is more than justified doing so because just as a parrot repeats exactly what has been told to it without changing a word of it …this beautiful parrot Sage shuka has also reproduced Bhagavatam without missing out on anything.Moreover just as a fruit that has been pecked by a parrot is considered delicious there is no doubt that this fruit of Srimad bhagavatam that is pecked and tasted by Sage Shuka is the most delicious of all fruits in all the worlds. It is the holy uchishta of the great saint Sage Shuka.

When the 10th canto starts, Parikshit says to Sri Shuka, “Tvam mukham bhoja chutam harikathamrutham”, pre-empting a response to a question in his mind as to why Sri Shuka limited Krishna Katha to 2 slokas – whether it was because Sri Shuka thought that Parikshit should be sleepy, hungry and thirsty having sat through several days of listening to Sri Shuka’s Bhagavatam thus far? His preemptive response to Shuka was that he (Parikshit) was drinking the amrutham (hari katha) dripping from the mouth of Sri Shuka (mukham bhoja chutam) and that was why he wasn’t hungry, thirsty or sleepy. Those who drink amrutham (divine nectar) will not experience any of these three, isn’t it – such was this Hari Katha!

Bhagavatam contains everything – vedanta,yoga etc .you name it you have it ! So who then are the adhikaris for bhagavtam? It says it is none other than the Rasikas. Bhagvatam is full of Krishna katha and stories of great bhagavatas that it is to enjoyed by all the rasikas.

Bhuvi galitam- Srimad Bhagavatam has descended to the world out of the Lord’s limitless compassion to save all the souls drowning in this ocean of samsara.


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