Bhishma stuti 1.9.35

October 26, 2009 at 10:53 pm (Bhishma Stuti) (, , , , )

sapadi sakhivacho nishamya madhye

nijaparayor balayo ratham niveshya

|sthitavati parasainikAyur akshNA

hRutavati pArtha sakhe ratir mamAsthu || (35)

 We have been seeing Bhishma stuti in detail which comprises of 11 slokas in which Bhishma is offering all his 11 senses to the Lord. In the 2nd sloka Bhishma says, ‘May I acquire love of your form’. He describes the beauty of the Lord’s face and the garments He has adorned. 

In the 3rd sloka,  he again describes the face of the god. Bhishma describes the soil on Krishna’s forehead and his Alaka baaram(The curly hair), how God  received all the arrows that were sent by him and how they pierced his body. Indeed the Lord bears with a smile, anything for the sake of his devotees

 The war is going to begin. The conch is blown. Arjuna is the first person who gets ready for the war. When the war begins Arjuna climbs up his charioteer like lion cub. He asks his charioteer Lord Krishna to park the chariot in the middle of the war front.Truly, it was Arjuna who wanted Krishna to take him into the war, and not Krishna Himself!

  Sapadhi Sakivacho.. Heeding to the advice of His friend Arjuna,  the Lord parked the chariot in the middle of Kauravas and Pandavas.  

Soon after the Lord stopped, the Geetopadesa is going to follow.  However, Bhishma here says that the Lord did a Geetopadesha, even without speaking – by merely his actions!  What is the Geetopadesha?  ‘Oh Arjuna, Why do you consider this as killing your kith and kin? I have already killed them, you have to merely aim the arrows to them!’ Bhishmacharya says, indeed the Lord killed them already.  How?

Bhishma gives his own version of Mahabharata! If we had heard that Mahabharata is about Bhima killing Duryodana and Arjuna killing Karna etc., Bhishma says, all these are untrue! All of them were indeed killed by Sri Krishna!  How? Especially, when the Lord did not take any weapon in his hand?

Bhishma says Bhagawan doesn’t need any weapon and That  his sight alone will do. God can do ‘Nigraham’ and ‘Anugraham’ just with  his sight.  Lord Shiva did Kama Dahanam (Nigraham) with his third eye. 

 The God,The King and the Guru cannot be seen straight eye to eye. It is said so because we cannot tolerate their direct vision. Lord Krishna looked around the entire warfront with his eyes. That itself has killed all the enemies in the war.  (Akshna). The rest of the war was just a façade.

Bhishma prays to that Lord, Sri Parthasarathy, that friend of Arjuna  that he  always cherish with.


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