Bhishma stuti 1.9.34

October 22, 2009 at 2:35 pm (Bhishma Stuti) (, )

yudhi turagarajo vidhUmravishvak

                          kachalulita shramavAryalankRutAsye |

 mama nishita sharair vibhidyamAnatvachi

                          vilasat kavachestu kRuShNa AtmA || (34)

 Yudi turagarajo..Krishna! For a long time, you are very much a part of the Pandavas who constitute my family. I can really enjoy you only during the war. I have never seen and enjoyed your presence anywhere other than in this war. You know how?

 ‘turagam…’ the cavalry of horses. ‘In the battlefield, the sand and dust created by the cavalry of horses rises up in the air and this dust is allover your forehead and stuck there, owing to the sweat produced by the tireless work you do in maneuvering the horses. The curly locks of hair that fall on your forehead are also wetted by the sweat. This looks so beautiful!  Astonishing is the beauty of the ‘rajas’ on your forehead and the way your hair moves hither-thither as you ride the chariot.  Even if I take a 1000 Janmas(births), I will not get tired beholding such a divine beauty. That face should always remain in my mind!’

 Whenever Bhishma knew that the following day he was going to fight with Arjuna, he would sharpen the arrows the previous night in order to aim them on God who is Arjuna’s charioteer. A true devotee would offer flowers to the Lord during his prayers.  Being a true Kshatriya, in the battlefield, while battling against Arjuna, Bhishma offered his arrows as an offering to God.

 ‘Mama nishita sharaih’ – the arrows that I sharpened

You received the arrows I sharpened from me, as you always accept anything from the devotees with great happiness.  Even when my arrows broke your ‘Kavacha’ (protective vest worn by warriors) and pierced your skin, Oh! Krishna!, you proudly accepted my arrow-offering as you would accept offerings from a devotee.  Such a divinely beautiful form of yoursshould stay in my mind always.


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