Bhishma Stuti – Sloka 1:9:32

September 13, 2009 at 2:37 pm (Bhishma Stuti, Dallas Study Circle) (, )

Sloka 1:9:32

Sri bhIshma uvAcha

iti matir upakalpitA vitRushNA

bhagavati sAtvatapungave vibhUmni |

svasukhamupagate kvachid vihartum

prakrRuti mupeyushi yad bhava pravAha: ||

Bhishma Stuti appears in the First Canto the Adhikari Skandha chapter 1, Slokas 32-42

In Kurukshetra, after the Mahabharata war was over , Yudhishtira questioned Bhishma who was lying on a bed of arrows, on various Dharmas (duties, sacred obligations, conduct) and their secrets in the presence of the assembled sages. While Bhishma was expounding on the various duties, that sacred time UttarAyana(when sun changes its course towards North) came to ascend- Time that Yogis, who can give up their body at their will, await for.

Bhishma stopped his speech and fixed his mind free from any attachment on Lord Sri Krishna who possessed four arms and was clad in yellow silk and was standing right in front of him. He looked at this form without winking his eyes. By meditating upon the pure form of the Lord, with fully controlled senses, Bhishma, while casting off his body, loving extolled the Lord.

While departing from this mortal world, in the first verse,  he says ‘I offer my intellect (Iti matir), the intellect that is free of desires, at the Lotus Feet of the Lord ’He also defines that Lord as the one who has all the righteous qualities and is Complete by Himself, without having to search for happiness from an external source.  It is only at times when the Lord feels like performing a Lila (divine sport) that he creates the Universe through the Prakruti.

Now, why would Bhishma offer his intellect to the Lord, if the Lord is not in need of any external source for His happiness?  It is not for Lord’s happiness, but for his own pleasure that Bhishma desires to offer his intellect to the Lord.

This may sound contradictory to the initial statement that Bhishma was free from all the desires – for, he now ‘desires’ to offer his intellect to the Lord!   If there is ever a chance to nurture a desire, the best desire he can nurture is to offer himself to the Lotus Feet of the Lord.  Indeed, that is the supreme desire one can ever nurture!


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